Bye bye to Bristol City Council – after 8.5 years

As the only public health and transport specialist co-located into a transport team in a single local authority in the UK back in 2008, through the vision of the then Director of Public Health, Hugh Annett, Adrian had to develop his own road-map’ for how to get the best out of this fantastic intersectoral collaboration opportunity. Almost from Day 1 came the drafting of the successful bid to become Cycling City. Cycling England commended on the strength of the public health elements. More successful bids by the Transport Team followed.

From those highly stimulating starts much has followed including many important contributions to reducing road danger. Public health conceptual frameworks, theories, methods, and appraisal techniques were all used. However, by far the greatest contribution is likely to have been that of supplying robust peer reviewed evidence and demonstrating that there are evidence hierarchies – not all ‘evidence’ is of equal weight. This has been increasingly recognised as important in demonstrating to potential funders and in making the case to politicians that approaches being promoted are well-founded. This is  something that can not often be said for much of the post-war transport planning in the UK.

Work in progress…

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