Training available in 2018

Please do contact me if you are interested in training on transport planning and health (whether from public health perspective or transport planning or myriad of aligned sectors eg sustainability).

Below is an example from an Introductory day session agenda for Public Health practitioners Wednesday 30th May 2012 at Swindon Borough Council Offices, Euclid Street. The topic substance has not changed much since then!

This event was primarily for public health staff from Swindon PCT, Gloucestershire PCT, and Wiltshire PCT. One of 5 training sessions as part of ‘transition training’ across SW.

Training sessions also offered in the use of updated WHO Health Economic Assessment Tool (updated October 2017). This can be basic 90 mins (idea for a lunchtime slot) or a more detailed half day with hands on use of the Tool and using real data from past walking and cycling schemes. HEAT is included in the Dept Transport Transport Appraisal Guidance but most Highway authorities don’t use it – it appears most highway authorities largely call on term contractors with ‘highways economics’ capability. Yet many of them do not use HEAT either – a major missed opportunity to demonstrate the high benefit to cost ratios of walking and cycling interventions and their consequent high value for money compared to nearly all other transport interventions.

Testimonial statement:

“It’s definitely a success story all around and I think there’s a good chance we would have got here eventually, but it’s been a really rapid trust build-up since your sessions.” London Borough.